+ A House Never Divided
Our Strengths
as Individuals
Gives Power to
Our Team

House of Soles is a Canadian/American
dance troupe. While most of our dates are
booked for the Montreal area, we perform
several dates in the Northern U.S.

Though we have only been working together as a troupe for six years now, many of our elder statesmen and women have been involved in the dance community for over a decade.

Our founder, Tina Dumont, is an accomplished performer in several different genres, and spends time teachnig students in her native forms of dance when not touring with the troupe..

ability to perceive music and integrate it to the execution of dance.
+ Styles Performed
The landscape of dance is
expanding like never before. Styles are
blending together to create unique and
wonderful amalgams filled with potential.
Ever so curious within the world
of dance, we often feature emerging
styles outside of our comfort zones.

The four below are where we
shine brightest.

Ballet comes in many forms; we focus on neo-classical, story and contemporary ballet.


This is our bread and butter; the most performances we put on yearly, and we have the most dancers of the discipline.


Our flamenco master, Donovan Sadler is incredibly passionate, and is always recruiting new performers.

Hip Hop

While our focus is mostly lyrical hip hop, we sometimes delve into other forms.

+ Our Schedule
Our travel routine is ever
evolving. As such, new locations
are liable to spring up wherever
we feel inspired to dance.

From parks to small theaters
and concert halls, our schedule
is worth a glance ever so often.
Laurier Park
5pm to 7:3opm
Montreal, Quebec CA
Eloeitte Hall
6pm to 7:3opm
St. Leonard, Quebec CA
Rockbridge Ballroom
7pm to 9pm
Alton, Illinois U.S.
Manley Field
8pm to 10pm
Hadlon Hills, NY

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